Rockhopper TV

Rockhopper TV has been filming development, health and environment stories for 15 years and has made some 350 films for broadcasters around the world. We’ve been to Antarctica 6 times and you can find our back catalogue on line via our web site .

Rockhopper TV is the producer of the feature film Drunken Butterflies, due for release in the autumn of 2014.

Our documentary series such as The Health Show (26 eps), Hot Cities (8 eps), Survival (8 eps), Alvin’s Guide to Good Business (8), Kill or Cure (70), The Survivors’ Guide to… (40), Love in a Time of HIV (5), Antarctica (multiple visits) and many more have run on the BBC, ABC, Discovery, National Geographic, NHK, SBS, Al Jazeera and national broadcasters in dozens of countries. Rockhopper TV shows are also scattered far and wide across the internet.