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Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.

All you need is fog. Here’s how to extract water from the air. It’s a low-tech, cheap way to get fresh water as it becomes increasingly hard to find in many parts of the world.

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Our Glaciers are vanishing

For millions of people glaciers are a major store of fresh water, collecting in the winter and then melting in the hotter dry season and keeping rivers flowing, farmers farming and cities supplied with drinking water. This is much more … Continue reading

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Why do some Megastorms kill more people in some countries than others?

How is it that the same megastorm can take so many lives in one country, while just across the border people survive the chaos and devastation? And as the frequency and intensity of hurricanes, typhoons and hugely destructive storms seems … Continue reading

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Dengue fever now threatens 2.5b people and is endemic in 110 countries.

Warmer weather also pleases the mosquitos that spread Dengue fever, a sometimes fatal disease that has recoded a 30x increase in cases in 50 years. Up to 500m people suffer Dengue. Getting it once is bad, but a second infection … Continue reading

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Cars, Climate and the Road to Chaos?

Everyone wants a car, but what happens if that dream comes true? In India cheap cars are starting to flood the market and those dreams are becoming reality. But at what price? Are we driving into a climate disaster?

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We’re getting more heat waves and they’re going to kill more people. Europe needs to adapt to a hotter world.

10 yrs ago a European heat wave killed 70,000 people. We used to get 3 days that hot every decade, but it’s going to rise to 40 days. If Europe is struggling to adapt, how will the rest of the … Continue reading

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Weird Weather. Can bio-tech feed Africa?

The climate is changing and droughts are getting worse. Food riots have become an all too familiar response to shortages and rising prices. Does science have the answers?

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