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Are you taking fake medicines?

And how would you know? In some parts of the world fake medicines make up 30% of all the drugs on the market. From blood pressure pills and anti-malarials to life saving cancer and HIV drugs, nothing is safe from … Continue reading

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India: 86% of all the world’s oral cancers

Roshan, 17, started chewing at the age of 8. He now has advanced oral cancer and had to have his upper jaw removed. The number of teenagers who chew tobacco in Mumbai has doubled over the past ten years, and … Continue reading

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India: The most dangerous roads in the world

Indian Policemen are being trained as paramedics in attempt to cut the death rate on India’s roads. The SaveLife Foundation is training policemen at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi in India to provide emergency medical care for victims.

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India’s Heart surgeons deliver the best health care

… and about the most affordable – for adults and kids, locals and international patients. The Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore is the largest heart surgery hospital in the world. Every day they carry out 42 heart surgeries, 24 open heart … Continue reading

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Diabetes in India

Changing lifestyles, obesity and genetic susceptibility are all contributing factors to the increased incidence of diabetes in India. ┬áThe country has one of the highest recorded numbers of people with diabetes in the world with perhaps 60 million cases. However, … Continue reading

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Dengue fever now threatens 2.5b people and is endemic in 110 countries.

Warmer weather also pleases the mosquitos that spread Dengue fever, a sometimes fatal disease that has recoded a 30x increase in cases in 50 years. Up to 500m people suffer Dengue. Getting it once is bad, but a second infection … Continue reading

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Cars, Climate and the Road to Chaos?

Everyone wants a car, but what happens if that dream comes true? In India cheap cars are starting to flood the market and those dreams are becoming reality. But at what price? Are we driving into a climate disaster?

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