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Life after the Khmer Rouge

Cambodia has a traumatic recent history and memories of the blood shed of the Khmer Rouge are still fresh. For years the Khmer Rouge made sure the country did not have a single psychiatrist. Now it has 40 and they’re … Continue reading

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Are you taking fake medicines?

And how would you know? In some parts of the world fake medicines make up 30% of all the drugs on the market. From blood pressure pills and anti-malarials to life saving cancer and HIV drugs, nothing is safe from … Continue reading

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A vicious crime that mutilates victims and bystanders alike

In Cambodia acid attacks are all too frequent. Women are more frequent victims, but only just – (F52% : M48%). The attacks are intended to disfigure and inflict maximum emotional damage. According to one report, 30% of all the victims … Continue reading

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