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Life after the Khmer Rouge

Cambodia has a traumatic recent history and memories of the blood shed of the Khmer Rouge are still fresh. For years the Khmer Rouge made sure the country did not have a single psychiatrist. Now it has 40 and they’re … Continue reading

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Are you taking fake medicines?

And how would you know? In some parts of the world fake medicines make up 30% of all the drugs on the market. From blood pressure pills and anti-malarials to life saving cancer and HIV drugs, nothing is safe from … Continue reading

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A vicious crime that mutilates victims and bystanders alike

In Cambodia acid attacks are all too frequent. Women are more frequent victims, but only just – (F52% : M48%). The attacks are intended to disfigure and inflict maximum emotional damage. According to one report, 30% of all the victims … Continue reading

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Bollywood flushes with success

Bollywood TV soap opera producers have dramatised a storyline where a woman refuses to marry her man until he builds her a toilet, and pulled in 145 million viewers. It’s a health message that works.

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India: 86% of all the world’s oral cancers

Roshan, 17, started chewing at the age of 8. He now has advanced oral cancer and had to have his upper jaw removed. The number of teenagers who chew tobacco in Mumbai has doubled over the past ten years, and … Continue reading

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India: The most dangerous roads in the world

Indian Policemen are being trained as paramedics in attempt to cut the death rate on India’s roads. The SaveLife Foundation is training policemen at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi in India to provide emergency medical care for victims.

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India’s Heart surgeons deliver the best health care

… and about the most affordable – for adults and kids, locals and international patients. The Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bangalore is the largest heart surgery hospital in the world. Every day they carry out 42 heart surgeries, 24 open heart … Continue reading

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